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Aver provides logistics services which supports you in the supply and delivery of your industry goods. As proud as you are of your products; we are of the service provide and care taken in looking after you and your products. As a customer focused company, we are passionate about our professional expertise, our people and services are handpicked to provide a wealth of local knowledge and practical experience who are all best in class. It is this network that makes Aver your go to choice.

With our trusted agents in all major countries worldwide, our unique relationships and quality control from collection to delivery enables you to benefit from a global operations experience and capability across all industry sectors. Added to this our reporting abilities allow you to be kept informed of any market and or currency factors, allowing you the ability to plan your next project and track costs effortlessly . Our steadfast structure provides you with: 

One-To-One relationships 

Responsive and attentive support

Bespoke practices tailored around your business

Trustworthy and honest reliability

Adaptability and dependability


From the very start Aver Logistics has attained a feeling of trust and loyalty within the business and with its customers, suppliers and agents.

​This service sector is driven by the trust and confidence earned by the people we serve. At Aver we ensure to our customers, long-standing and new, that their cargo is being handled in a proficient and professional manner by people who know what they are doing.


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