What is CSR?

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a model designed to help businesses perform in an ethical way. By doing this, it creates a positive impact – Not only with our work ethic but the community that surrounds us and the industries we trade in. At a global scale it ensures that we always behave responsibly and lets us analyse the impact we make on society as a whole

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) co

Ways in which we contribute: 

  • Employees - We treat our employees with respect. We ensure all our employees are happy, as this allows them to have a purpose at work, being proud of what they do and taking initiative in the working environment. By investing in our staff, we encourage motivation, success and positiveness at all times. 



  • Paperless - We don't use paper at all. All our files are now electronically stored, both on a physical drive and in the cloud. Our customers have full access to their job files and invoices, this means they can access them 24/7.

  • Carbon Emission - We can easily calculate the amount of carbon emitted per shipment. This enables ethical decision making and let's our stakeholders contribute to their own CSR goals.


  • Business - We ensure that all decisions made at AverLogistics are made with ethical emphasis. We believe that working as an ethical company helps to attract loyal/honest customers and employees. 

  • Environment - We understand that transportation is big cause of world pollution. That is why our focus is to decrease our ecological footprint as much as we can. The environment is top of our agenda and part of the Aver Logistics long term strategy. Our intentions are always to apply the most efficient environmental methods to all of our work. 

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