February 21, 2019

Fulfilled by Amazon is a tool that allows you to sell your products through its platform. Amazon fulfillment centres allow you to speed up deliveries and sales. At Aver Logistics LTD we work

on Amazon shipments on a daily basis, this means we can help move your goods straight from your supplier to an Amazon warehouse of our choice - during this process we...

September 10, 2018

We have now made the move to Instagram. If you'd like to follow us to see what we're up to then please follow us here

May 4, 2017

Get the app or go online!

Instant Tracking & Docs Retrieval

  • Query and view your own shipments, documents and invoices

  • Access and download archived documents such as manifests, waybills, commercial invoices and packing lists

  • Get the mobile application for up to date information on shipments whilst on the go

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March 31, 2017

The new dawn has arrived, Aver Logistics launches and will commence business April 2017. Our network of agents and committed staff are ready to start working for you. We are looking forward to and are very excited to be working along side your commitments. So... what are you waiting for? lets get to work!  

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